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Distinguished and Famous people from Greater Frankston

1. Johnny Batchelor - An Australian racing driver from Frankston who participated in multiple motorsport competitions across the country. He achieved great success in various racing categories and remains a revered figure in the local racing community.

2. Angela Davis - A renowned author, academic, and activist, Angela Davis was born in Frankston. She rose to prominence during the civil rights movement in the United States and became an influential figure in advocating for racial equality and social justice.

3. Sarah Fitz-Gerald - Born in Mornington, which is part of Greater Frankston, Sarah Fitz-Gerald is a former professional squash player. She was one of the top-ranked female squash players in the world during her career and has won multiple prestigious titles.

4. Merv Hughes - An iconic Australian cricketer, Merv Hughes was born in Frankston. He represented the Australian national cricket team and played a crucial role as a pace bowler in various successful campaigns for Australia, including winning the Ashes series.

5. Helen Kapalos - A television presenter and journalist, Helen Kapalos hails from Frankston. She has worked for major Australian television networks and has interviewed prominent figures in the country. Kapalos is known for her dedication to investigative journalism.

6. John Safran - A well-known Australian documentary filmmaker and radio presenter, John Safran was born and raised in Frankston. He has gained recognition for his unique approach to storytelling and has developed a significant following for his thought-provoking work.

7. Robert Smith - Robert Smith, a distinguished artist, was born in Frankston. His artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries, both nationally and internationally. Smith's pieces often explore themes of identity, culture, and environment in a bold and innovative style.

8. Lynette Wallworth - A celebrated Australian filmmaker and artist, Lynette Wallworth was born and raised in Frankston. She is known for her immersive and emotive documentaries, focusing on subjects such as indigenous cultures, climate change, and social issues.

9. Stephen White - Stephen White is a well-known Australian musician, composer, and conductor originally from Frankston. He has composed music for various theatrical productions, and his work has been featured in major film and television soundtracks.

10. Tim Wilson - An Australian politician and human rights activist, Tim Wilson was born and raised in Frankston. He has served as a Member of Parliament and has been actively involved in advocating for civil liberties and equality in the country.

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